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Senior Solution Engineer



United States
Posted on Tuesday, October 24, 2023

NLX is a conversational AI technology company headquartered in New York City with team members around the United States and Globally. We value great people who enjoy being part of a team and genuinely embrace our customers' success.

We're looking for a Senior Solution Engineer who loves technology, solutions, and enjoys working directly with customers. Our business model depends on your ability to proactively help our Customers develop, enhance, and maintain conversational success. You're going to be the technical glue that can help unlock customers' ability to move quickly. You'll have to navigate all levels of technical experience with clients, from pre-sales to ongoing customer success. And navigate directly with our product and engineering teams. You'll get to use all your skills with technology, business, and relationship building. We want you to reach beyond just the customer relationship but focus on their customers' interaction.

We have a usage-based business model directly tied to customer retention and growing our revenue through better, more efficient methods for our customers. And each time our customers use our product, they receive a direct ROI.

Location: Remote, but the ability to work in the EST-PDT time zone is required

Company Values

  • Elevate the Customer. We are Customer centric in the way we conduct our business and the way we build our product. Our goal is to elevate the customer experience of our customers as well as theirs.
  • Choose simplicity. Things tend to get over complicated. Take the time to step back and see the more straightforward solution.
  • Be Brave. If a decision needs to be made, make it. Ask questions, make mistakes, try something different. If you are curious about something, take the time to dig into it. If you have something you want to say, say it.
  • Keep it Open. Transparency is key and open communication is a great way to be transparent.
  • Build an Inclusive Space. We can do more when we do it together. Make each other feel welcome. Make yourself approachable. We expect diverse experiences and value individual input. We give each other the space to be included.

Primary responsibilities

  • Work with Customers during the solution and post-contract signing to help with technical integrations such as APIs, the configuration of AWS and other conversational services, and the configuration of the NLX platform.
  • Be the technical expert of the NLX system and have a strong understanding of how NLX works with NLU and NLP engines.
  • Be the technical expert on how NLX utilizes AWS services like Lex, Polly, and Amazon Connect. Be able to learn and become incredibly knowledgeable with other services like Alexa, Google Assistant, DialogFlow, and others as needed.
  • Build conversations within the NLX platform. You'll be asked to build, train, and help customers with our technology.
  • Develop integrations, review customers API documentation, and help with technical integrations when needed
  • Provide business and technical value to the client through education, engagement, adoption of additional use cases while keeping them updated on new features of our platform
  • Be able to drive engineering requirements, even be able to architect, code, design, test, and update the NLX code base with changes needed to deliver on our product and customer expectations.
  • Ensure the overall satisfaction of the client

The right person has these qualifications

  • Outstanding interpersonal skills. The ability to create and maintain a strong relationship based on honesty, openness, and success. Strong communication skills, fluent in (written and spoken) English
  • Customer-focused and Enthusiastic in attitude. Help the Customer be successful by maintaining a never-give-up attitude.
  • Works well independently and in collaboration, asks for help when needed, and is brave in making decisions—strong attention to detail.
  • Be Adaptive. Drive a project and pivot based on the clients' needs, remove obstacles, and find creative ways to be successful.
  • Project Manager. Keep the client on track, understand decisions, and continue to drive them and us toward their success.
  • Technical Expert. You need to be able to dive into the technology, understanding and can program, have a strong understanding experience with enterprise IT systems and integrations


  • Bachelor's degree preferred in Engineering/Computer Science, or equivalent experience. Master's preferred.
  • Experience 4+ years working with customers in a technical role, either as a Sales Engineer, Technical Consultant, IT Technical resources within a large enterprise
  • At minimum 5-8+ years working as a software engineer. Understanding of application, server, and network security
  • 3+ years using AWS services such as CloudFormation, ECS, API Gateway, Lambda, and DynamoDB.
  • Programming Languages: JavaScript (Node.js), Python, and Bash
  • Experience with writing integrations services, and understand how to connect and program against APIs
  • Understanding of Conversational AI
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate or higher
  • Development experience with horizontally scaling systems design
  • Strong communication skills, fluent in (written and spoken) English
  • Works well independently and in collaboration, especially for this asynchronous remote team. Strong attention to detail is expected.


  • Competitive Pay
  • 401k plan
  • Stock Options
  • Insurance – Health, Dental, Vision
  • Flexible working hours
  • Work from home
  • Paid time off and holidays
  • Additional benefits for team building and remote team collaboration

Interviewing at NLX

  • Qualified candidates will be invited to a video interview to discuss role fit.
  • All candidates are encouraged to try out and be ready to discuss our multimodal demo found on our website https://nlx.ai.
  • Final candidates will be interviewed by several team members and given a technical challenge. We'll challenge you, test you, and provide you with the feedback you need to be successful during the interview process.