Senior Machine Learning Engineer



Software Engineering
Posted on Friday, February 2, 2024
Company Overview
At Danti, we are building a search engine to enable users across the world to access all of the information being generated across our physical Earth. Sensing technologies like satellites, drones, 3D scanners etc. and various analytics continue to build information across the Earth, non-expert users are to this day unable to tap into the utility of these products due to being forced to use highly complex software. We are driven and aim to change that. The industry has finally advanced to where technologies are mature enough for us to bring this data to a much wider market in a simple, easy to understand way. Join us in enabling the future of how businesses, consumers and governments answer questions about what is happening across the physical world!
Our Mission
To make data across our planet searchable, discoverable and usable by anyone with a simple question to answer. We are focused on developing cutting edge technologies in the areas of data indexing, correlation and search so that you can search the Earth as you search the web.
We're looking for experience ML practitioners with applied ML and MLOps experience solving real business problems. Additionally, we're seeking someone experienced with prompt engineering, fine-tuning, and deploying of LLMs both in containerized environments and in the cloud. Candidates should have strong knowledge of different ML techniques and when to use then, have experience with ranking and scoring approaches, possess strong NLP/embedding/transformers and image detection/classification understanding, and have experience with different ML frameworks/libraries (e.g., xgboost, pytorch, etc.).
General backend engineering knowledge is a bonus, and candidates should understand system performance implications of backend ML decisions.

What you’ll do

  • You’ll be responsible for tackling various machine learning/artificial intelligence sub-problems within search, including model design, implementation, training, and testing of cutting edge machine/statistical learning, graph analytics, and Natural Language models for human to machine translation for semantic search
  • You’ll use your expertise in a variety of NLP areas such as LLM, NLU/NLG, tokenization, lemmatization, entity classification, LDA, POS, etc. to solve a variety of complex challenges
  • You’ll be responsible for the entire lifecycle of model development, operations, and maintenance
  • You’ll research new techniques and technologies in these spaces, evaluate their potential for improving the quality of the core product, and document your findings
  • You’ll define key system metrics and data you need to develop models effectively
  • You’ll work collaboratively with the team and foster an agile MLOps culture that encompasses model development, training, tuning, and validation to ensure timely, quality, product delivery, and lifecycle management
  • You’ll contribute to advanced algorithms that transform data and relational graphs into interpretable information that feed into semantic search services that will delight, connect, and enable non-experts to become consumers of earth data

What we are looking for

  • You are collaborative with a go-getter mindset, and self directing behaviors for the benefit of the team, the customer, and the company culture
  • You have high integrity - you seek open and honest communication, and you hold yourself to high moral and ethical standards
  • You are able to effectively manage concurrent technical tasks with competing priorities independently, approach difficult problems with enthusiasm and creativity, effective team communicator, and the ability to change focus when necessary
  • You have a strong customer oriented mindset, and drive to focus on what a customer truly wants
  • You have hands on experience with building NLP Applications
  • You are proficient in ML Toolkits (e.g. PyTorch, Tensorflow), and are strong in one or more programming languages: Python, C, C++
  • You are able to train and tune models, and are strong in rigorous and methodical evaluation to include tracking performance and model versioning.
  • You are experienced with data taxonomies, data correlation, and recommendation engines
  • Ideally, PhD in computer engineering/machine learning
  • You have 5+ years experience in the machine learning/nlp field
What we can provide
Competitive compensation, including company equity to ensure you can share in the success of your work
Full health benefits
A 401k Vehicle
Opportunity to change how Individuals, Businesses, and Governments interact with Earth data
Fun, collaborative work environment that is hybrid (remote / onsite)
Fast paced startup environment
Lots of personal responsibility, opportunities for growth and learning
This very exciting opportunity to join a new company at an early stage that will reward you with a ton of experience, positive collaborative team oriented culture, and significant equity stake in the company. If you value learning, developing products that have real impact on our world, and working with a positive collaborative time along the way then this is the place for you!
Visit us at https://danti.ai/