Recycling Information Intern

Can I Recycle This

Can I Recycle This

Posted on Monday, July 10, 2023


Recycling Information Intern

Starting Salary:
$16 per hour

Recycling Information Intern Job Description:

In addition to the primary duties listed below, the Recycling Information Intern will be expected to communicate with team members via the CIRT Slack workspace, and manage tasks assigned to them in Asana. The Intern is responsible for checking Slack and Asana frequently, and recording their progress in these platforms.

Collecting information about recycling rules (70%)

The Recycling Information Intern will be primarily responsible for contacting Materials Recovery Facilities (MRFs) to gather information about what materials are accepted for recycling in the facility, the wasteshed from which the facility collects, and any special recycling rules or procedures at the facility. Information may be gathered from online research, email communications, phone calls, and other various methods of survey distribution. The information that is collected will be communicated clearly on a regular basis to the Recycling Information and Data Manager.

Contributing to the CIRT database (15%)

Once a month the Recycling Information Intern will participate in a rolling update of the CIRT database. During this time the Recycling Information Intern will be tasked with reviewing the recycling rules currently recorded in the CIRT database and marking any wastesheds where rules need to be changed.

Contributing to the CIRT website (5%)

The Recycling Information Intern will be able to contribute to news articles and blog posts on the CIRT website. Written work will be approved by the Recycling Information and Data Manager prior to publication, but the Intern will have freedom to choose topics and a publication frequency that suits their interests and schedule.

Required Skills

  • Eligible to legally work in the U.S.
  • Willingness to learn and implement CIRT’s workflows and processes
  • Attention to detail and logical thinking skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

Helpful Skills

  • Experience with ArcGIS or QGIS
  • Knowledge of materials science with a special emphasis on plastic resin codes
  • Understanding of the materials management system in the United States
  • Familiarity with project management software such as Asana


CIRT is an employee-first business that prioritizes sustainability and wellness.

  • We offer flexible work schedules for employees so that they can balance the demands of their mental/emotional wellbeing, other commitments, family, friends, and fitness.
  • Every CIRT employee is eligible for $1,000 and three days of PTO for medical reasons. This reimbursement and PTO will be provided on a no-questions-asked basis in order to protect employee privacy.
  • All of our employees work from home offices, and we have meetings either over Google Meet, Slack, or in-person at the Delta Innovation Hub at University of Georgia. We encourage employees to practice sustainable purchasing and responsible resource management at home, and to bike, rideshare, or walk to in-person meetings.
  • We pay every employee for up to 10 hours of approved community service each year, and host community service work days so that employees have many opportunities to give back to their community.
  • For full-time employees we offer a progressive parental leave policy of 8 weeks for primary caregivers and 4 weeks for secondary caregivers, two weeks paid vacation per year, and five days of sick leave, all of which are eligible for rollover.

Decision Making Authority

The Recycling Information Intern has the authority to do the following without receiving confirmation from the Recycling Information and Data Manager:

  • Select articles to cover in blog posts
  • Select recycling areas to add to the database
  • Research accepted materials in new and existing recycling areas
  • Correspond with MRF/recycling industry and government officials
  • Plan activities for CIRT community education events

The Recycling Information Intern does not have the authority to do the following without receiving confirmation from the Recycling Information and Data Manager:

  • Post articles or blogs to the CIRT website or social media accounts
  • Access the CIRT database directly
  • Answer questions from MRF/recycling industry and government officials about CIRT’s proprietary data management process
  • Spend company money or seek reimbursement for purchases