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Recycling Information and Data Manager

Can I Recycle This

Can I Recycle This

Data Science
Posted on Monday, July 10, 2023


Recycling Information and Data Manager

Starting Salary:
$50,000 annual

Information and Data Manager Job Description:

The Recycling Information and Data Manager is responsible for the quality and accuracy of information presented by CIRT through their database and on their website. This person also manages the work of several other employees who contribute to the information-sharing effort of CIRT (technical developers and the Recycling Information Intern). Finally, this person is in charge of market research initiatives and awareness of changes to relevant environmental policies.

CIRT Database Maintenance (75%)

The Recycling Information and Data Manager is responsible for adding information and maintaining the accuracy of the CIRT database. This includes adding and maintaining recycling areas, dropoff locations, products, and materials. Additionally, the manager will schedule and undertake monthly updates to the CIRT database. In this role the Recycling Information and Data Manager regularly interfaces with the Recycling Information Intern, who assists in rolling database updates and maintaining information accuracy of recycling area rules, as well as with the UI and Backend Developers, who implement any changes to public/client interactions with the database.

CIRT Website Management and Content Generation (10%)

In their role as an information manager, this person is responsible for updating content on the CIRT website to ensure up-to-date and accurate information. This includes creating news and press release posts, and writing topical articles on related works or other sustainability/circularity issues. There is a focus on fulfilling the public education mission of CIRT. It also includes updating website copy, contact information, and branding. In this role the Recycling Information and Data Manager regularly interfaces with representatives of Deeds Creative for social media, branding, and other website content, as well as with the CEO and business development team of CIRT.

Project Management (10%)

The Recycling Information and Data Manager is responsible for managing projects related to database updates as well as interns on the Database Team. This involves onboarding new members of the database team to the CIRT research process, answering questions about materials categorization, responding to business requests for changes to data structures, and convening regular meetings with the Database Team and CIRT Leadership to give progress updates.

Market Research (5%)

The Recycling Information and Data Manager undertakes various market research projects and stays up to date with changes in the environmental policy landscape. This includes creating business analytics, locating potential partner organizations/businesses and clients, writing competition scans, and researching current and proposed legislative agendas.

Required Skills

  • Eligible to legally work in the U.S.
  • Willingness to learn and implement CIRT’s workflows and processes
  • Attention to detail and logical thinking skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

Helpful Skills

  • Experience with ArcGIS or QGIS
  • Knowledge of materials science with a special emphasis on plastic resin codes
  • Understanding of the materials management system in the United States
  • Familiarity with agile project management
  • Understanding of Asana, Confluence, Lucidchart, and Figma


CIRT is an employee-first business that prioritizes sustainability and wellness.

  • We offer flexible work schedules for employees so that they can balance the demands of their mental/emotional wellbeing, other commitments, family, friends, and fitness.
  • Every CIRT employee is eligible for $1,000 and three days of PTO for medical reasons. This reimbursement and PTO will be provided on a no-questions-asked basis in order to protect employee privacy.
  • All of our employees work from home offices, and we have meetings either over Google Meet, Slack, or in-person at the Delta Innovation Hub at University of Georgia. We encourage employees to practice sustainable purchasing and responsible resource management at home, and to bike, rideshare, or walk to in-person meetings.
  • We pay every employee for up to 10 hours of approved community service each year, and host community service work days so that employees have many opportunities to give back to their community.
  • For full-time employees we offer a progressive parental leave policy of 8 weeks for primary caregivers and 4 weeks for secondary caregivers, two weeks paid vacation per year, and five days of sick leave, all of which are eligible for rollover.

Decision Making Authority

The Recycling Information and Data Manager has the authority to do the following without receiving confirmation from the executive team:

  • Select articles to cover in blog posts
  • Select recycling areas to add to the database
  • Add or update recycling areas and products in the CIRT database
  • Research accepted materials in new and existing recycling areas
  • Correspond with MRF/recycling industry and government officials
  • Plan activities for CIRT community education events
  • Spend company money and seek reimbursement for purchases
  • Create internal workflows and employee processes
  • Plan events

The Recycling Information and Data Manager does not have the authority to do the following without receiving confirmation from the executive team:

  • Post articles or blogs to the CIRT website or social media accounts
  • Answer questions from MRF/recycling industry and government officials about CIRT’s proprietary data management process
  • Make hiring decisions
  • Expose CIRT’s data to external agencies or individuals
  • Discuss client work with external agencies or individuals
  • Alter the legal arrangements made between CIRT and its clients and employees